Guda Bishnoi Village Safari

Bishnoi Village Safari Tour

Go on an adventurous Bishnoi village safari in an open-air jeep to get a near peek into the particular tribal lifestyles of the region. The Bishnoi tribes are well-known for his or her reverence for the surroundings and devotion closer to defensive the flowers and fauna that surrounds them, specifically the endangered blackbucks. You can choose the morning, afternoon, or full-day village safari at your convenience. Don’t neglect to look at Kalbeliya, a people’s dance finished via way of means of the gypsy tribes, and flavor conventional meals and opium tea. You may additionally get a threat to witness crafts along with spinning, carpet-making, and pottery via way of means of the natives and take a few actual works of artwork home.

The villagers who stay there region unit stalwart closer to going to nature altogether its forms, appreciably the asceticism closer to flowers and animal existence. They even agree with in praying green timber and animals that inhabit their territory. at some stage in this international anyplace exploiting existence is increasing, while this network is growing an enterprise to preserve the surroundings. Another reality concerning the Bishnoi tribes is they agree with and worship Lord Vishnu and is natural vegetarians.

We are satisfied to choose you anywhere type of a constructing or area of your opportunity from Jodhpur city or our Bishnoi village safari. to understand extra concerning households of shepherds people and discover a possibility to a degree their historic existence and revel in working with animals like goat, ship, camel, etc. We have a tendency to supply a massive spot of existence and to discover the way of life of Bishnoi households. You geared up to look at wild animals of their herbal habitats, and spot famous species of barren region animals have discovered there some of them are Antelopes, Gazelle, Dumessille Crane, Rabbits, Blue Bulls, Migrated Birds, Peacocks, etc.

The whole setup makes it charming for fanatics of unusual wildlife & nature. Bishnoi’s green network famend for their made lifestyle and rectangular degree staunch worshippers of nature altogether its bureaucracy in particular the holiness of plant and animal life. It’s a Hindu non secular order located in the Western Thar Desert following a group of twenty-9 principles/commandments given through Guru Jambheshwar There rectangular degree fans of the Bishnoi village safari mystery living in a full-size quantity in states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. 

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Bhagirath Bishnoi located his ardour for wildlife & Nature at a younger age and loves sharing his understanding of the Bishnoi Community to which he belongs with like-minded Individuals. As a youngster, Bhagirath took his buddies on rustic village journeys into the wild for amusing which ignited his love affair with the “Lands of Black Bucks” and different wild inhabitants. 

Over the years Bhagirath evolved his understanding and commenced to discover the person Black Bucks and different species of Deer’s, Antelopes. He is the nice excursion manual for Bishnoi Village Safari in Jodhpur.

NATURE BIRD WALK - Bishnoi village

The strolling tracks across the Guda Lake and additionally the smaller ponds around the distance is anywhere spotting of the diverse existence much like the blackbucks, chinkaras, blue bulls, wasteland Fox, Indian canine, Migratory Birds, local chicken species, and so forth could be done.

The incidental manual consists of sincere records approximately various spotting. The species of Birds range from summertime season to iciness but the lake stays a web website hosting floor at some stage in the year. Hire the Best Taxi service in jodhpur at a low fare.


Bishnoi village safari is legendarily well-known for  Durry Udyog, anyplace you may construct and spot but those rugs vicinity unit being factory-made. And Weaved out of cotton or wool spreads colorful tradition & background from its primitive form of weaving inside the village of Rajasthan. Major your own home a cozier, location with the aid of using including thereto the witching glamour of Asian state with the colorful lore of the Durry.

bishnoi village safari


Place anyplace with a spin of the wheel the world, gift shapes Kakani can be a village that has pleasure in its culture of pottery, one which it is recognized throughout, the country of Rajasthan. The potter through his innovative artwork provides a kind of product through the magic of his hands, over the spinning system. The spinning system is moreover a reminder of but rich our civilization owes to the improvement of the wheel cross on; attempt your hand at it. Enjoy this village safari.


Rajasthan is widely recognized everywhere in the international for its hand-published textiles, furniture, leatherwork, earrings, painting, pottery, and metallic craft. The use of energetic shades and flamboyant, delusion designs is different in all types of arts and crafts of Rajasthan.

It can be unfair to mention that Rajasthani artists best make ornamental items. Every family object in Rajasthan proves the announcement fake as we undergo their decorated utensils, colorful attires, precise earrings designs, and embroidered footwear that infuse brand new lifestyles and a happy appearance to the in any other case monotone of the barren region sands. 

block printing tour

Bishnoi Village Safari Attractions

Explore & Experiences

guda lake sightseeing

Guda Lake Sightseeing

Migratory birdsGuda Lake, along with demoiselle cranes, and mammals along with blackbucks and chinkaras, may be seen. The satisfactory time to go to is withinside the night while birds and animals come to drink.

bishnoi village safari

Durry Making

A durry can be a thick flat-woven carpet or carpet used traditionally in India as floor-coverings. The notion of durry can be a touch absolutely one of a kind from a carpet or carpet, because they may be used for bedding.

Potter making

Pottery Making

Pottery making is that the technique of forming vessels and extraordinary items with clay and extraordinary ceramic materials, that rectangular degree brushed off to provide them a difficult robust type.

Pottery making

Block Printing

In the youngsters of block printing, it surely becomes wont to print complete books. in recent times the approach of block printing is popularly associated with growing patterns on substances via way of means of printing on them.

bishnoi village

Guda Lake Tour

The Guda Lake, anywhere migratory birds region unit observed as soon as a year, is a couple of kilometers from the village. Best camel Village Safari in Jodhpur.

Camel safari

Camel Safari

Thar camel safari might be a culture, a lifestyles in itself, a domestic for numerous trebles, animal, and hen species. you may for positive be astounded to look at this absolutely distinct reasonably.

art and craft tour

Art and craft tour

Bishnoi village has several best attractions like art and craft tour. Many beautiful art and crafting is done in this village beauty.

Jodhpur Bishnoi Village Tour

guda village side

This stunning Village of Jodhpur is that the far-famed vacation spot of Rajasthan precocious with the extensive splendid factor approximately Khejri timber and cervid.

village creativity tour

Village creativity tour

The village creativity excursion is covered withinside the village safari excursion. Tourists just like the creativity and exquisite artwork on village walls.

bishnoi village jeep safari

jeep safari

Thar can be a culture, a lifestyles in itself, a domestic for numerous trebles, animal, and fowl species. you will for positive be astounded to examine.

traditional food

Tasty food

Traditional Tasty village food is cooked by villagers to feed their guests and tourists who came to see the whole creative and cultured.

village welcome

village welcome

Best Village Welcome is done by the villagers because it is the special tradition of their Bishnoi village safari to welcome new guests.


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