Refund & Cancellection

You may cancel your booking with us any time before your scheduled date and time of pickup. This may be done using the Website by logging with your registered credentials or by calling us anytime on the 24×7 Customer Care Helpline +91 82098 53190

  • if your booking is canceled within 4 (four) hours of the scheduled pickup date and time, it shall be treated as a No-Show by the Customer. No refund shall be applicable in such cases and the entire Booking Amount/Advance shall be treated as Cancellation Charges.
  • if your booking is canceled prior to between 4 & 24 hours of the scheduled pickup date and time, a Cancellation Charge equivalent to 15% of the Booking Amount or the actual Advance amount received from the Customer, whichever is less, shall be applicable.

If for any reason your driver takes too long to get to you then the cancellation charge will be waived in the event of a cancellation request made at your end.

If there is a No-Show from your end, i.e. you are not at the pickup location and/or your assigned Driver is unable to get in touch with you on your registered phone number on the scheduled pickup date and time, the Driver shall wait for a reasonable period of half an hour from the scheduled Booking time and thereafter may treat the Booking as canceled with no refund.

The onus shall be on the Customer to inform at least 24 hours before the time of departure, for any delays or rescheduling of departure time and seek confirmation from about the availability of the car at such rescheduled time.