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This adventurous Bishnoi Village Safari expedition was started by Rajas and Maharaja’s of Jodhpur to provide their Indian and foreign guests a glimpse of a made cultural lifetime of Rural Village Tour Jodhpur, Rajasthan, around their state of Marwar. actuality Rajasthan This Royal passion has evolved over the years because of the renowned Bishnoi Village Tour that is an associate degree attraction around Jodhpur. The Bishnoi village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan on the stream Luni is marked with Khejri trees and types of deer. The Guda Bishnoi Lake may be a natural lake within the heart of the Bishnoi Land job to the native life and supporting the agricultural method of life. 

The complete setup makes it fascinating for lovers of exotic wildlife & nature. Bishnoi’s eco-friendly community renowned for his or her made culture and square measure staunch worshippers of nature altogether its forms especially the holiness of plant and animal life. It’s a Hindu religious order found within the Western Thar Desert following a collection of twenty-nine principles/commandments given by Guru Jambheshwar There square measure followers of the Bishnoi secret residing in a sizable amount in states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. 

They even pray the inexperienced trees and animals that inhabit their land. they create each effort to conserve the atmosphere and also the natural method of life. The Bishnoi worship Lord Vishnu and square measure vegetarians. we tend to organize the total day and 0.5-day hunting expedition at terribly cheap price and in some ways in which provide our sincere efforts to assist the poor and poverty-stricken native individuals during this water-scarce region.

Guda Bishnoi Village Safari Tour of Jodhpur is that the far-famed destination of Rajasthan precocious with the broad great thing about Khejri trees and cervid. This village includes Guda Bishnoi village tour Lake to urge an outline of nature excellent for a picnic spot. Any individual who is fascinated with exotic wildlife & nature should definitely visit this ethnic village which is an inhabitance of the Bishnoi community. Jodhpur trip best taxi service in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

The villagers who live there area unit stalwart towards going to nature altogether its forms, notably the asceticism towards plants and animal life. They even believe praying inexperienced trees and animals that inhabit their territory. during this world wherever exploiting life is increasing, whereas this community is creating an endeavor to conserve the surroundings. Another truth regarding the Bishnoi tribes is that the belief and worship of Lord Vishnu and is pure vegetarians.

We are glad to select you anyplace sort of a building or place of your alternative from Jodhpur town or our home place. to grasp additional regarding families of shepherds individuals and find an opportunity to measure their ancient life and luxuriate in operating with animals like goat, ship, camel, etc. We tend to deliver a giant spot of life and to explore the culture of Bishnoi families. You ready to watch wild animals in their natural habitats, and see well-known species of desert animals are found there a number of them are Antelopes, Gazelle, Dumessille Crane, Rabbits, Blue Bulls, Migrated Birds, Peacocks, etc.


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Bhagirath Bishnoi discovered his passion for wild life & Nature at a young age and loves sharing his knowledge of the Bishnoi Community to which he belongs with likeminded Individuals.

As a youngster Bhagirath took his friends on rustic village trips into the wild for fun which ignited his love affair with the “Lands of Black Bucks” and other wild inhabitants. Over the years Bhagirath developed his knowledge and began to identify the individual Black Bucks and other species of Deer’s, Antelopes. He is the best Bishnoi village Safari tour guide.


The walking tracks round the Guda Lake and also the smaller ponds round the space is wherever recognizing of the various life just like the blackbucks, chinkaras, blue bulls, desert Fox, Indian canine, Migratory Birds, native bird species, etc may well be done. The incidental to guide includes a honest information of the assorted recognizing. The species of Birds vary from summer to winter however the lake remains a hosting ground throughout the year.


Bishnoi  village  is legendary famous for  Durry Udyog, wherever you’ll build and see however these rugs area unit being factory-made. And Weaved out of cotton or wool spreads vibrant tradition & heritage from its primitive variety of weaving within the village of Rajasthan. Major your home a cosier, place by adding thereto the witching glamour of Asian nation with the colorful lore of the Durry.

bishnoi village safari


Place wherever with a spin of the wheel the world, present shapes kakani may be a village that has pride in its tradition of pottery, one that it’s known throughout, the state of Rajasthan. The potter by his inventive art presents sort of merchandise by the magic of his hands, over the spinning machine. The spinning machine is additionally a reminder of however wealthy our civilization owes to the, development of the wheel go on; strive your hand at it. Enjoy this Bishnoi village safari.


Block Print is creating use of a carved piece of wood or the other style of wood block to imprint a picture on cloth or paper. Fantasy associate degreed printers creative thinking is carved as stencils on blocks of wood that area unit them immersed in dyes to draw patterns on cloth in an organized manner going away attractive symmetry. Master craftsmen come back from a community referred to as the CHIPAS. within the period of printing, it had been accustomed print entire books.

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Explore & Experiences

guda lake sightseeing

Guda Lake Sightseeing

Guda Lake. Migratory birds, such as demoiselle cranes, and mammals such as blackbucks and chinkaras, can be seen. The best time to visit is in the evening when birds and animals come to drink

bishnoi village safari

Durry Making

A durry could be a thick flat-woven carpet or carpet used historically in India as floor-coverings. The thought of durry could be a little totally different from a carpet or carpet, as a result of they’re used for bedding.

Potter making

Potter Making

Pottery creating is that the method of forming vessels and different objects with clay and different ceramic materials, that square measure dismissed to grant them a tough sturdy type.

Pottery making

Block Printing

In the youth of printing, it absolutely was wont to print entire books. these days the method of block printing is popularly related to creating styles on materials by printing on them.

bishnoi village

Bishnoi Village Safari

The Guda Lake, wherever migratory birds area unit noticed once a year, is concerning a pair of kilometers from the village. Best Bishnoi Village Safari in Jodhpur.

Camel safari

Camel Safari

Thar camel safari could be a culture, a life in itself, a home for several trebles, animal, and bird species. you’ll for sure be astounded to examine this completely different reasonably… 

art and craft tour

Art And Craft Tour

Rajasthan is presented with several attraction places and works as a magnet for travelers who like to explore tourer destinations..

guda lake side


This beautiful Village of Jodhpur is that the far-famed destination of Rajasthan precocious with the broad great thing about Khejri trees and cervid. Hire best texi…

village creativity tour

Village Creativity Tour

Village creativity tour is included in the Bishnoi village safari tour. Tourists like the creativity and beautiful paintings on village walls.

bishnoi village jeep safari

Village Jeep Safari

Thar could be a culture, a life in itself, a home for several trebles, animal, and bird species. you’ll for sure be astounded to examine.

traditional food

Traditional Food

Traditional village food is cooked by villagers to feed their guests and tourists who came to see the whole creative and cultured.

village welcome

Village Welcome

Village Welcome is done by the villagers because it is the special tradition of their Bishnoi village safari to welcome new guests.


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